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Welcome to 4Tune Engineering

Our story began during a car trip in 2004. I was driving alone, passing through an expansive landscape and thinking about my life. At that time, I had just turned 40, and was working at the Technical University of Lisbon. I had a decade of leadership experience in contract research for international clients in the biotech, pharma and chemical sectors.

Throughout the trip, I was questioning whether this career really fulfilled me?

I felt it was time for a change. An overwhelmingly powerful sense of the future came to my mind. I had a dream and I also had a vision for how to achieve it. My dream was to create something unique and compelling to give to the industry. Equally clear was the vision that this dream required a world-class team committed to offering this special service to manufacturing companies globally. Inspired, I stopped at a service station, grabbed a piece of paper, and scribbled some potential names until finding the perfect one: 4Tune Engineering.

Immediately afterward, I founded my company and brought together a highly qualified and passionate team. Year after year, we have reinvested 10 to 15 percent into R&D and thoughtfully cultivated our relationships with corporate and academic partners. These investments, combined with hard work and dedication have resulted in 4Tune Engineering being a trusted partner today and I am gratified by this outcome.


Prof. José Cardoso Menezes
(PhD in BioEngineering, IST Pharmaceutical Engineering Professor, 2005-)